14/11/2018 - USA - FBI 2017 report: 25% decrease in anti-Jewish crimes against persons and 39% increase in anti-Jewish crimes against property

14/11/2018 - Canada - Four teenage boys, all students at Yeshivas Lubavitch, were assaulted by between 10 and 12 youths, as they were walking home in Toronto. The incident is being investigated as a hate crime, because of the verbal slurs that were used during the assault

14/11/2018 - USA - Miami Beach police are investigating a swastika found painted on one of the posts at the Congregation Beth Medrash Levi Yitzchok Lubavitch across from Flamingo Park

14/11/2018 - USA - The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, said an iconic campus structure was repainted with “symbols and messages of hate”, for the second time in as many weeks. Swastikas, the white supremacist Celtic Cross, and the lightning bolt logo of Nazi Germany’s Schutzstaffel featured among the messages of hate

12/11/2018 - Iran - At antisemitic conference in Tehran, Iranian presidency official denies Holocaust: "In fact, we do show antisemitic behavior, and if we are not doing something against the Jews, we feel bad – it is part of our culture"

12/11/2018 - Germany - Policemen discovered a swastika on a stone staircase in the Jewish cemetery in Boizenburg

11/11/2018 - Argentina - Antisemitic graffiti in a property on Calle Angel Gallardo at the neighborhood of Villa Crespo was found. Many people of the Jewish community live in the area

11/11/2018 - USA - A Jewish-owned vehicle parked in Manhattan near B&H Photo was found defaced with a Swastika on the license plate

10/11/2018 - USA - A report released by Rockland County accuses Mayor Brett Yagel and other Pomona officials of using derogatory language and discriminatory practices against the Jewish community

10/11/2018 - France - Antisemitic and racist graffiti, targeting the representative of the Ministry of the Interior of the Grand Est region and the immigrants, were sprayed on the mayor’s home in Brumath

09/11/2018 - Israel - A pig’s head was hung over the entrance to the Sukkat Shaul synagogue in the central city of Ramat Hasharon

09/11/2018 - South Africa - A 12 grade pupil at a Johannesburg Jewish school has relayed the trauma of receiving an antisemitic voice note from a pupil who attends a Christian school in KwaZulu-Natal. Among other offensive statements, the boy is heard saying “. . . you should have died in the Holocaust”

09/11/2018 - Germany - Policemen discovered in a Jewish cemetery in Sondershausen, during an inspection, that a swastika was engraved in a gravestone. The municipality acted rapidly, making sure that a stone-cutting craftsman would quickly repair the damage

08/11/2018 - USA - A Jewish student at Oscar Mayer Magnet School found a Nazi swastika marked on their locker this week, along with “other derogatory symbols,” and school officials said it was just the latest in a string of troubling acts of bullying and cultural insensitivity

08/11/2018 - Canada - A Canada Post employee removes a mail recipient’s name and replaces it with “Jew”

08/11/2018 - Germany - Unknown perpetrators smashed gravestones in the Jewish cemetery on Alersheimer Street. In total, two large gravestones and one small tombstone were dislocated from their base or foundation, or even uprooted from the ground

07/11/2018 - USA - Police arrested a man suspected of a string of attacks against Orthodox Jewish women in Los Angeles. The man was seen pulling their wigs off, which was being investigated as a hate crime

07/11/2018 - France - President Emmanuel Macron of France praised Philippe Petain, a Nazi collaborator, and defended his plan to pay homage to Petain among other World War I fighters, sparking the first major disagreement between mainstream French Jewish community leaders and Macron since his election last year

07/11/2018 - UK - Kees van der Pijl, an emeritus professor at the University of Sussex in England has blamed the 9/11 terrorist attacks on Israelis and American Zionists, drawing condemnation from the Sussex Jewish Representative Council, a local Jewish group

06/11/2018 - USA - Dozens of antisemitic flyers found at University of Rochester in NY