08/08/2019 - USA - Jewish-Israeli UIndy students find swastikas in their room

08/08/2019 - USA - Antisemitic and racially derogatory graffiti in Wicker Park

07/08/2019 - Lithuania - The Jewish Community of Lithuania temporarily closed the only functioning synagogue of the capital Vilnius, citing security issues that may be connected to a debate about the honoring of Nazi collaborators

06/08/2019 - Germany - A rabbi and his two sons said they were spit on and verbally attacked as they left a synagogue in Munich

05/08/2019 - UK - Jewish father called ‘Dirty Jew’ in front of his children by Adam Cassidy, 19

04/08/2019 - Belgium - Dimitri Verhulst, a Belgian journalist, joked about Jews’ noses and accused Israelis of stealing Palestinian land

04/08/2019 - Canada - A Jewish man wearing a yarmulke was assaulted by a taxi driver in Montreal. The victim required attention at a local hospital

04/08/2019 - USA - White supremacist group’s flyers posted at Temple Israel in Columbus

02/08/2019 - USA - Antisemitic graffiti was found at Minneapolis school

02/08/2019 - USA - Swastikas spray-painted on kosher food truck in Little Haiti - Miami

31/07/2019 - Czech Republic - 6 tombstones at the Jewish cemetery in village Osoblaha have been overturned or smeared with obscure texts and pictures

31/07/2019 - USA - A man driving a pickup truck in Sullivan County, went on an antisemitic rant against a Jewish driver

31/07/2019 - Germany - Yehuda Teichtal, a Berlin community rabbi and president of Chabad Lubavitch in the capital, reported that two men shouted at him in Arabic, and spat on him after he left services at his synagogue in the Wilmersdorf district

29/07/2019 - Germany - Two Syrian nationals residing in the city of Potsdam spat and cursed with antisemitic slurs a 25-year-old man wearing a kippa with a Star of David

29/07/2019 - USA - Yosef Lipshultz, 58, a Jewish Orthodox man, was shot outside Young Israel of greater Miami. Detectives are investigating the shooting as a possible hate crime

29/07/2019 - USA - A suspicious package was received at the Young Israel Synagogue in Bal Harbour, Florida, containing antisemitic rhetoric and threatening photos

27/07/2019 - USA - Kareem Farid, who was presenting on the CNN Arabic network as recently as last week appears to have expressed a series of antisemitic sentiments on Twitter, even praising Hitler

27/07/2019 - UK - Police hunt man after antisemitic Tube abuse leaves 46-year-old Jewish man with son fearing for safety

25/07/2019 - Finland - The Israeli embassy in Helsinki over the past year and a half has been subjected at least 15 occasions to antisemitic acts of vandalism with the latest in the series of disturbing incidents occurring over the past weekend

24/07/2019 - USA - A 31-year-old man from Iowa was arrested and charged for allegedly making repeated hateful phone and email threats against a Manhattan-based Jewish organization