17/03/2019 - Argentina - Antisemitic posters were stuck on benches in Parque Central in Neuquén

17/03/2019 - Italy - Antisemitic writings were found in the bathrooms of Polo Zanotto University

15/03/2019 - Qatar - Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Khazraj Al-Ansari, a Qatari sociologist, claimed that the Jews instigated the massacre against Muslims during the March 15 terror attack on two mosques in Christchurch in order to create discord between the Muslims and the Christians

15/03/2019 - USA - New Jersey State Police are investigating two instances of antisemitic graffiti that were found recently in bathrooms at High Point Regional High School

14/03/2019 - UK - Fewer than half of British adults understand the meaning of the word antisemitism, according to an exclusive JC poll

14/03/2019 - France - Taha Bouhafs, an activist and former candidate for Jean-Luc Melenchon’s France Unbowed far-left party cracked a Holocaust joke online about burning Jews

14/03/2019 - Canada - Toronto police are investigating after antisemitic graffiti was found spray-painted on the side of Western Tech High School near High Park

14/03/2019 - USA - Steve Ortiz, a 44-year-old Union City resident has been arrested and brought back to New Jersey after being accused of phoning in antisemitic and racist threats while roaming the country

12/03/2019 - Argentina - Anti-Israel graffiti was spray painted on a subway station, on one of the walls commemorating the 1994 terrorist attack on the main Jewish community offices in Buenos Aires

11/03/2019 - The Netherlands - The Netherlands saw a 19 percent increase in recorded antisemitic incidents in 2018 to a record 230 cases according to the Center for Information and Documentation (CIDI)

10/03/2019 - Greece - Again, the holocaust monument in the center of Trikala desecrated. Vandals wrote Ευρεως, which means “well known” but it sounds like Jew

08/03/2019 - USA - A map replacing Israel with the state of Palestine was shown at the Alpharetta Autrey Mill Middle School ‘multicultural’ night

07/03/2019 - USA - Swastikas and antisemitic message discovered on a sign at 53rd Street and Collins Avenue behind a firehouse in Miami Beach

07/03/2019 - France - The word “Juden” (Jews) and three swastikas were written in black ink at the entrance of a condominium in the city of Hyères

07/03/2019 - Ukraine - Vandals desecrated for the second time this year the site of the mass murder of 2,500 Jews in Rafalivka in order to locate the gold they believed was in the hands of the Jews before the massacre

07/03/2019 - UK - Antisemitic graffiti has been found inside the men’s bathrooms on the lower ground floor of the Chrystal Macmillan Building on University of Edinburgh

07/03/2019 - USA - Swastikas and neo-Nazi phrases were found spray-painted on the Oak Leaf Trail under the Belleview Bridge at Belleview Street and Newhall Place in Milwaukee

07/03/2019 - USA - Imam Abdelmohsen Abouhatab, who is of Egyptian origin, delivered several antisemitic sermons at the Al-Aqsa Islamic Society in Philadelphia. He said the Jews are the vilest people in terms of their nature and moral values and that the "nefarious" Jewish media causes people to see Muslims as "oppressive and predatory lions"

06/03/2019 - Switzerland - Antisemitic graffiti was spray-painted at an hotel in Geneva, where a delegation of science students from Tiberias was staying while visiting the city’s particle accelerator

06/03/2019 - USA - Spattered blood and swastikas drawn in blood were found by a bathroom at Pan-Pacific Park, located on Beverly Boulevard in the Fairfax District, adjacent to the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust