23/07/2019 - Canada - “Kill Jews” graffiti reported in downtown Montreal

22/07/2019 - Poland - Just weeks after the Jewish cemetery in Tarnow was rededicated after a more than two-year restoration, vandals spray-painted antisemitic graffiti on the newly repaired wall next to the entrance gate

21/07/2019 - Israel - “Slaughter the Jews” in Arabic was spray painted on the Kotel HaKatan, or “little Western Wall,” a section of the Western Wall located in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem

19/07/2019 - USA - A group of 4 people used water pistols to spray worshipers outside Young Israel of Teaneck, a New Jersey synagogue, hurling antisemitic slurs when they were asked to stop

18/07/2019 - USA - U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) formally introduced a resolution (H.Res.496) supporting the anti-Israel BDS movement, comparing it to boycotts of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union

17/07/2019 - Ukraine - During a trial about land ownership in the city of Kolomyia, a verbal antisemitic violent incident took place in court

17/07/2019 - USA - Antisemitic graffiti scrawled on Santa Monica pedestrian bridge

17/07/2019 - USA - Swastika carved into Jewish family’s truck in Charlotte-Mecklenburg

17/07/2019 - Ireland - Irish member of Parliament Niall Collins blames the “huge Jewish Lobby” in America for silencing pro-Palestinian voices

16/07/2019 - USA - White paint was thrown onto the front of the Hebrew Discovery Center on Ventura Boulevard at Woodland Hills, from the roof to the ground

16/07/2019 - Germany - Nearly 30 tombstones have been overturned at the Jewish cemetery in Gangelt or smeared with Nazi symbols

16/07/2019 - Germany - Vandals shouted antisemitic insults towards seven Jews who could be identified as such near a synagogue in Berlin

15/07/2019 - Ukraine - An e-mail was received at the Brodsky Synagogue in Kiev: “In your dirty synagogue, there’s a homemade bomb with mercury to kill you all like bed bugs, find it or you’ll die!"

15/07/2019 - Australia - “Hitler Youth” and “Hitler was right!” were scrawled on two walls in Ashburton. One of the messages was accompanied by a swastika

15/07/2019 - USA - Holocaust-denying flyers were placed in the front and back of Temple Emanu-El on Atlantic Avenue on Marblehead

15/07/2019 - Gaza - Hamas official calls on Palestinians abroad to kill Jews

10/07/2019 - The Netherlands - Alireza Taimurizadeh, member of the mainstream Dutch Green Left party, which has publicly endorsed attempts to boycott Israel, has said Holocaust-traumatized Jews came to Israel “to be Nazis”

10/07/2019 - Argentina - The secretary of the president of the Supreme Court of Chaco, Natalia Anabel Valle, posted a picture of children playing in the yard of a nearby Jewish school with the text, “I think they forgot to tell the little Jews that it’s summer vacation. And then they ask why Hitler hated them"

09/07/2019 - France - ‘Jews to the ovens’ painted on Paris sidewalk

08/07/2019 - USA - Eyal Shani, an Israeli chef, got an antisemitic threat after critic pans NY restaurant prices