05/02/2019 - Turkey - A fake concentration camp scene was recreated on a Turkish movie premiere’s red carpet

05/02/2019 - Cameroon - Jean de Dieu Momo, the deputy justice minister in Cameroon said that the Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves because they wielded all the economic power

05/02/2019 - USA - Students at the Centennial High School, a North Fulton County (Atlanta) high school found swastikas spray-painted on the building and buses

04/02/2019 - USA - KKK flyers were found distributed in Carlisle over the weekend. The flyers were intended for propaganda and recruiting purposes, not as a targeted hate crime

04/02/2019 - France - Anxious worshipers attending Shabbat services at the Great Synagogue in the French city of Strasbourg were regaled with antisemitic insults and slogans this weekend, during a angry demonstration mounted by the “yellow vest” social protest movement

04/02/2019 - USA - Nazar Walters, 18, Teshon Bannister, 21, and Joshua Peters, 20, were charged with hate crimes for attacks on identifiably Jewish men in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn

04/02/2019 - Egypt - ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, Henry Ford’s ‘International Jew’ and Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf' featured in the Egyptian stand at the 2019 Cairo International Book Fair

03/02/2019 - Canada - The word “Jew” was spray-painted on the windows and in the parking lot of BerMax Caffe and Bistro, which serves Italian and Middle Eastern kosher meals out of its Corydon Avenue location

02/02/2019 - Australia - Teens yell ‘Gas the Jews’ at Jewish boys on a bus at Chadstone

02/02/2019 - Spain - The parish priest Javier Baeza referred derogatively to "the powerful Jews of Madrid" after the suspension of the screening of a documentary about Gaza in San Carlos Borromeo

30/01/2019 - USA - Antisemitic graffiti was painted on the façade of on the Mishkan Torah religious seminary and synagogue in Los Angeles

30/01/2019 - UK - A new report by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research has established a clear link between antisemitism and hostility towards Israel, finding that the strongest holders of antisemitic views tend to support boycotts of Israel or consider it an apartheid state

30/01/2019 - Brazil - Antisemitic cartoons circulated on social networks in Brazil after the arrival of an Israeli team with more than 130 people to help with the search and rescue of those missing due to the disaster at Brumadinho. Among diverse illustrations, there was a drawing in which it was alluded that Israel first arrived in Brazil to help and with the passing of days it takes over the Brazilian territory

30/01/2019 - Argentina - Leopoldo Moreau, MP for "Unión Ciudadana", accused institutions of the Jewish community of being "accomplices in the cover-up" of the AMIA bombing in 1994

29/01/2019 - Israel - The Siah Yisrael synagogue, located in the Kiryat Yovel neighborhood, was broken into and its ritual objects, including a Torah scroll and prayer books, were destroyed

29/01/2019 - Ukraine - On an advertising poster of Yulia Tymoshenko in Cherkasy, someone wrote “STOP JEWISH FASCISM”

29/01/2019 - Australia - A rabbi was subjected to antisemitic verbal harrasment by a middle-aged male in Melbourne’s south-east while driving. Among other things, he was told that he “should have died in Auschwitz”

29/01/2019 - UK - British cultural figures including Vivienne Westwood, Peter Gabriel and Mike Leigh have signed a letter calling on the BBC to cancel coverage of this year’s Eurovision song contest because it is taking place in Israel

29/01/2019 - The Netherlands - Before the Feyenoord-Ajax game, a group of hooligans from Feyenoord shouted antisemitic slogans at the Cuyp stadium. The police unit of Rotterdam reported that all the members of the group had received a fine of 500 euros

28/01/2019 - UK - Game of Thrones star Laura Pradelska has told BBC Radio 5 Live that she has disabled comments on her Instagram account because of the antisemitic abuse she has received