10/12/2018 - USA - Damon Joseph, a 21-year-old Ohio man was arrested for planning an attack on a Toledo-area synagogue. Joseph told an undercover FBI agent that he was inspired by the gunman who shot up a synagogue building in Pittsburgh

10/12/2018 - Italy - Twenty of the special paving stones, dedicated to Jews who were deported to Nazi death camps, were stolen from a street in the Rome district of Monti overnight

10/12/2018 - USA - Police are investigating the dissemination of antisemitic pamphlets in Squirrel Hill and other Pittsburgh neighborhoods

10/12/2018 - USA - Swastikas were written in ink and found inside mezuzahs sent for inspection in the city of Cleveland by a Jewish dentist who owns a clinic

08/12/2018 - Belgium - A menorah placed on the roof of the car of the director of the European Jewish Association, Rabbi Menachem Margolin, was vandalized during Shabbat

07/12/2018 - USA - Authorities are investigating Nadim Siddiqui, a South Florida man who they suspect may have made threats to Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center

07/12/2018 - USA - A concrete menorah sculpted into the side of Temple Beth El in Battle Creek was chipped in multiple spots by what appears to be a chisel and hammer

07/12/2018 - USA - Jacob Rabinowitz, a Jewish math teacher is suing Joseph Regional High School in Montvale over tolerating antisemitic behavior and graffiti directed at him and then firing him when complaining about it

06/12/2018 - Qatar - The annual Doha International Book Fair, a state-run book fair, is promoting antisemitic textbooks and publications that incite hatred. The exhibition is carrying Arabic books that spread conspiracies and falsehoods about the Jews, and air denials about the Holocaust. These antisemitic titles include “Lies Spread by the Jews” and "The Myth of the Nazi Gas Chambers"

06/12/2018 - USA - Gregory Adams, 34, was accused of yelling antisemitic slurs at a man before slashing his tires in a Tracy store in the San Joaquin County

06/12/2018 - USA - Karen Koslowitz, a Jewish Queens city councilwoman was sent a hate-filled, antisemitic letter that makes a reference to the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre

05/12/2018 - Turkey - Maccabi Tel Aviv landed in Istanbul in preparation for its game against Droushpakka in the Euroleague. Upon arriving at the hotel in the city, the group's players encountered an antisemitic sign with the caption "work sets you free"

04/12/2018 - USA - Police are investigating after a swastika and Star of David were found carved into a stall in the girls’ bathroom at Ridgewood High School

04/12/2018 - USA - A large menorah was toppled in a public park near Harvard University. A white male dressed in black was seen riding his black bike up to the menorah in Cambridge Common and pushing it over

03/12/2018 - USA - Officials at Pennsylvania State University say a menorah was vandalized at the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity house, a Jewish fraternity

03/12/2018 - USA - A hate crime investigation is underway after a swastika was spray painted on the side of a home in Poway on Ilene Street

03/12/2018 - Spain - The City Council of Valencia brought together representatives of different Spanish towns that have successfully passed resolutions to boycott Israel. The meeting aimed to find judicial ways to apply the boycott in places where it was approved in the town halls, despite being a clear violation of the Spanish law

02/12/2018 - USA - The six-foot menorah of the members of the Jewish community in Lewisburg was cracked, and some bulbs were stolen

01/12/2018 - Greece - Antisemitic graffiti (“Jew out”) was sprayed outside the Rhodes Casino

01/12/2018 - Germany - A local woman watched a man smear antisemitic scripts on several shops, entrances, and a kindergarten along Wilheminenhofstrasse in Berlin-Oberschoeneweide