11/06/2019 - Belgium - A Muslim disguised as a religious Jew tried to enter the synagogue of the Kehilat Shomrei Hadas in Antwerp, with three knives in his pocket. A day earlier, the Muslim man tried to enter a Chabad synagogue

11/06/2019 - Canada - Durham police have launched an investigation after several hand-written signs containing antisemitic language were found in a Whitby neighbourhood

11/06/2019 - Poland - The Polish Football Association’s social media team celebrated a 4-0 "pogrom" victory over Israel in Euro qualifier

11/06/2019 - USA - A man wearing a shirt emblazoned with the word “Israel” shirt spray-painted “Fuck Jews” in front of a Harlem medical office on W. 124th St. and Malcolm X. Blvd

10/06/2019 - USA - White supremacists caused outrage among the LGBT community when one of them appeared to urinate on an Israeli flag and gave Nazi salutes during a Pride event in Detroit

10/06/2019 - Argentina - Rabbi Shlomo Tawil, of the local Chabad-Lubavitch organization, was attacked by three men in the city center of Rosario. The men shouted antisemitic epithets before removing the rabbi’s hat and trampling it on the ground, and then beating the rabbi, who was walking alone

10/06/2019 - Argentina - In the Plaza 9 de Julio de Resistencia, in Chaco, antisemitic graffiti was sprayed on the Monument to a survivor of the Shoah

10/06/2019 - Czech Republic - The Valediction Memorial at Prague’s main railway station, honoring the escape of mostly Jewish children from the Nazis, organized by Sir Nicholas Winton, has been damaged in an apparently carefully planned attack

09/06/2019 - UK - UK lawmaker calls to suspend fellow Labour parliamentarian in antisemitic row

09/06/2019 - Russia - In daylight, without disturbance, a woman was photographed spraying a Star of David and the word “Mossad” on the wall of the BB & BURGERS branch at 6 Ulitsa Maroseyka in Moscow

08/06/2019 - Poland - Tombstone honoring the memory of Jewish victims in Karmanowice was desecrated

08/06/2019 - Iran - Kawthar TV aired a cartoon that depicts President Trump as Zionist-controlled bumbling fool who aspires to be on $100 bill

06/06/2019 - USA - Antisemitic bomb threat found at Wilmette middle school

06/06/2019 - USA - Star of David pride flags unwelcome at DC Dyke march

06/06/2019 - Ukraine - Ukrainian ultra-nationalists from the National Corps group set off smoke grenades in front of a synagogue in the city of Kharkiv

06/06/2019 - Germany - The house of a Jewish couple living in Hemmingen was the target of an antisemitic attack. A group of vandals set fire to the carpet at the entrance of the house and wrote the word "Jude" with red spray on the front door

05/06/2019 - USA - “Kill All Jews Now” “Israel” & “Mario Cuomo” written on mailbox in Bay Ridge

05/06/2019 - USA - Antisemitic graffiti in South Lake Tahoe reads “DON’T TRUST JEWS"

05/06/2019 - USA - Swastika and antisemitic graffiti found near Crediton school

05/06/2019 - South Africa - Cape Town Eid al-Fitr sermon by Imam Abdurahman Alexander, the co-Imam of Masjidul Quds: Zionism is a world cancer, Israel is a rogue state; Hamas and Fatah must unite