16/04/2019 - Italy - After being hitted in the locker room at the gym, an 11-year-old boy in Ferrara was told by his classmates: "When we grow up, we will have Auschwitz reopened..."

15/04/2019 - Ireland - Police are investigating after patrons of a pub in Northern Ireland were filmed spewing vitriolic antisemitic abuse, with one man saying Adolf Hitler “didn’t kill enough Jews”

13/04/2019 - UK - West Ham United ‘disgusted’ over ‘fucking Jew’ chants on train prior to Premier League match against Manchester United

12/04/2019 - USA - Hasidic man alleges antisemitic harassment by Brooklyn bus driver. As the Hasidic man went in a B57 bus, the driver covered her face and said "go in, measles"

12/04/2019 - Canada - Students at Stephen Lewis Secondary School in Peel Region have launched a campaign promoting the antisemitic lie that Israelis harvest Palestinian organs and conduct ‘human testing’ of pharmaceuticals on Palestinians

12/04/2019 - Bulgaria - Swastikas and offensive language have been found daubed on a monument in the town of Stara Zagora. The monument, in the city’s Peti Oktombri Park, is to anti-fascist fighters killed between 1923 and 1944, and lists dozens of names from the area

11/04/2019 - USA - Antisemitic posters were found on bookshelves and tables at a library at the University of North Carolina. The posters, which warned of an “evil Jewish plot,” were condemned by the university administration

11/04/2019 - Germany - The Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper compared Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with the 1940 Nazi antisemitic movie The Eternal Jew

11/04/2019 - Greece - Stolpersteine stones commemorating the fate of victims during the Nazi era have been desecrated in Thessaloniki

10/04/2019 - USA - The Holocaust Museum in downtown St. Petersburg (Florida) was vandalized

10/04/2019 - UK - Antisemitic post by Matthew Scott, 62, former National Theatre chief probed by police

10/04/2019 - Argentina - Antisemitic graffiti was found on the cars of Atlanta fans in Temperley after a soccer match against Arsenal de Sarandí

09/04/2019 - Spain - Espanyol Ultras fans have pasted pictures of Anne Frank wearing a Barcelona’s shirt at the Montilivi Stadium

09/04/2019 - France - Antisemitic graffiti painted on French wall: Grab me with the Shoah

09/04/2019 - USA - YouTube was forced to disable comments on a livestream of a House Judiciary hearing on hate crimes and white nationalism on social media after it was flooded with racist and antisemitic comments

08/04/2019 - USA - Anonymous individuals distributed A4 pages with the message "Zionism is Neo-Nazism" on the campus of Berkeley University

08/04/2019 - France - An unemployed 18-year-old man (resident of Bourdon) tried to kill his neighbor because she was Jewish

07/04/2019 - Argentina - A man broke into a synagogue during Shabbat evening services on Friday night and threatened worshipers at the Mikdash Yosef congregation in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires. During the attack, the assailant threatened the worshipers with a sharp object and threw stones at the congregants and a security guard

06/04/2019 - Poland - A swastika was painted on the monument commemorating the 2,400 Jewish residents of Otwock

05/04/2019 - The Netherlands - At least 20 pro-Palestinian protesters were filmed mobbing Michael Jacobs at the Dam Square while he was wearing an Israeli flag around his shoulders. They called out “Jew” and “Zionist” as several of them beat Jacobs