‘Ukraine won’t belong to Yids!’ Odessa nationalist leader stirs crowd on massacre anniversary

Odessa - The rule of 'Yids and oligarchs' will be abolished in Ukraine and the country will again belong to Ukrainians, the head of the Odessa branch of the Right Sector far-right group promised, during a large nationalist rally this week.

The so-called ‘March of Ukrainian Order’ assembled several thousand people in Odessa as demonstrators in the Black Sea port carried flags of Right-Sector, Svoboda and other radical groups, and chanted nationalist slogans. Tetiana Soykina, who was sporting a khaki T-shirt with a Right Sector insignia and an orange fanny pack, addressed the rally from the roof a bus.

"We believe… we are confident that we’ll bring the real Ukrainian order to both Odessa and Ukraine. Ukraine will belong to Ukrainians – not the Yids. Not the oligarchs. Glory to Ukraine!” she said.

“Glory to heroes,” the crowd replied, uttering a famous Ukrainian nationalist slogan, as the crowd appeared to be on the same page as Soykina.