The spread of radical Islam, exacerbation of the refugee and migrant crisis, calls for a boycott of Israel, and the rise of the far right constitute a real challenge to the fabric of Jewish life in Europe as well as in the rest of the world. Muslim anti-Semitism and accompanying anti-Semitic terrorist acts are the main cause of a sense of insecurity among the Jewish communities of Europe and the main source of harm to the fabric of Jewish life.

The Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, entrusted by the government of Israel to monitor and address the scourge of anti-Semitism, deems the uncompromising battle against anti-Semitism to be of the utmost importance and integral to the mutual responsibility borne by the State of Israel and the Diaspora, with a view to guaranteeing the existence of full and vibrant Jewish life, on an individual and communal level, without constraints and with a strong, meaningful and legitimate connection to the State of Israel.

Ministry staff members have formulated a strategic program for combating anti-Semitism, which will be implemented in the coming year in collaboration with various government ministries, national institutions, Jewish organizations, and civil social organizations in Israel and around the world.

The Ministry's goals in combating anti-Semitism are increasing the security of communities and individuals in routine times and times of crisis, facilitating the existence of full and vibrant Jewish life, including a strong connection with Israel, reducing the number and severity of anti-Semitic incidents worldwide, raising public awareness about anti-Semitism, strengthening the commitment of individuals, organizations and governments to combat anti-Semitism, and providing assistance to those affected by anti-Semitism.

The Ministry of Diaspora Affairs submits an annual report on the state of anti-Semitism to the Israeli government; maintains a continuous dialogue between Ministry staff and the communities and organizations, as well as between the Minister and the Diaspora leadership with an emphasis on anti-Semitic incidents; and represents the State of Israel and the government of Israel at conferences on anti-Semitism.