Combating Antisemitism

The Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, entrusted by the government of Israel to monitor and address the scourge of anti-Semitism, deems the uncompromising battle against anti-Semitism to be of the utmost importance and integral to the mutual responsibility borne by the State of Israel and the Diaspora, with a view to guaranteeing the existence of full and vibrant Jewish life, on an individual and communal level, without constraints and with a strong, meaningful and legitimate connection to the State of Israel.

To this end, the Ministry has built a strategic plan that includes goals and projects. The main points of the plan were presented to the government at a government meeting in January 2016. The first stage included the establishment of a variety of projects aimed at establishing a knowledge infrastructure for action, including building a comprehensive global picture, pointing to and analyzing trends. After the stage of establishment of knowledge, the Ministry began to initiate and implement a series of projects in areas that were identified as extremely urgent.

The Ministry of Diaspora Affairs submits an annual report on the state of anti-Semitism to the Israeli government; maintains a continuous dialogue between Ministry staff and the communities and organizations, as well as between the Minister and the Diaspora leadership with an emphasis on anti-Semitic incidents; and represents the State of Israel and the government of Israel at conferences on anti-Semitism.

The activity of the Ministry focuses on several levels:

Managing and concentrating efforts in the struggle against anti-Semitism

Increasing the security of communities and individuals in routine times and times of crisis

Enabling a full and vibrant Jewish life, including a strong connection to Israel

Reducing the number and severity of anti-Semitic incidents worldwide

Raising public awareness about anti-Semitism

Strengthening the commitment of individuals, organizations and governments to combat anti-Semitism