Foreword by the General Director of Diaspora Affairs

Anti-Semitism is an ancient phenomenon that has accompanied the Jewish people from its earliest days. At the same time, it is wrong to think that anti-Semitism is a phenomenon limited to Judaism or the State of Israel. Anti-Semitism is first and foremost an expression of the sickness of the society in which it exists.

The search for explanations for the failures and disappointments in others and strangers, and the escape to conspiracy theories as a substitute for dealing with reality are all unacceptable phenomena that should be denounced.

The waves of refugees from Muslim countries to Europe bring with them Muslim anti-Semitism and revive the ghosts of the past in the form of nationalism and racism. The series of attacks proves again and again that anti-Semitism and terrorism, hatred of Jews and hatred of others are indistinguishable from each other and must be fought with the same determination.

Over eight million Jews, who are the majority of world Jewry, live today in the Diaspora and the government of Israel, as the government of the Jewish people, is committed to them. The Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, which is responsible for the follow-up and handling of the scourge of anti-Semitism, views the uncompromising struggle against anti-Semitism as an inseparable part of the mutual responsibility between Israel and the Diaspora and as part of its commitment to ensuring a full and vibrant Jewish life.

I believe that in order to combat the phenomenon of anti-Semitism, it is necessary to act in a global way and to create broad coalitions across sectors in Israel and abroad.

Today, the main arena is the virtual space that serves as the main platform for disseminating hatred, extremist ideology and incitement. In response to this, the Ministry promotes the subjects of internet network monitoring, acts to formulate a strict policy before the IT companies, and promotes educational content with governments and civil society organizations.

These efforts are bearing fruit and I am certain they will make a significant contribution to the long-term struggle against anti-Semitism.


Dvir Kahana

Director General of the Diaspora Ministry