Antisemitism Cyber Monitoring System

The Internet, with an emphasis on social networks, has become the main platform for the diffusion of anti-Semitic ideology and propaganda and for the connection between anti-Semitic activists.

According to the Ministry's assessment, millions of Internet users are exposed every month to anti-Semitic publications and content - almost undisturbed. It was also found that Internet companies that declare a zero-tolerance policy against online hate crimes are not doing enough to prevent incitement.

This reality is made possible, inter alia, by the lack of monitoring and information about the offenses and their number, and because of the unique characteristics of the virtual space and the limitations of the law, which does not know how to deal with a situation where there is no overlap between the place of residence of the perpetrator and the location of the offense.

In order to address these phenomena, the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs initiated the Internet monitoring project of anti-Semitic incitement on the Internet.

In October 2016, the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs began to operate the most advanced Internet monitoring system of its kind in the world, aimed at monitoring anti-Semitic hatred. The ministry recruited the latest technology and translated the definition of anti-Semitism into an advanced algorithm capable of identifying anti-Semitic incitement.

The monitoring results, sited on this website, serve as the basis for various anti-Semitism projects and are used by countries, organizations and activists who are involved in the struggle against anti-Semitism as a tool for improving and directing the struggle.