Antisemitism Index Project

The struggle against anti-Semitism requires us to define it and gather information about it: its size, the key ideas that motivate it, who are the people who disseminate it, and what platforms contribute to its spread and the intensity and direction of the trends.

As of this time, there is no uniform measure of the phenomenon. Various countries and various bodies measure the phenomenon of antisemitism in different ways, according to diverse definitions, in a voluntary and discontinuous manner. As a result, it is impossible to obtain an objective picture of the "state of anti-Semitism", as well as the existence of a real difficulty in estimating the number of anti-Semitic incidents and their development trends.

This state of affairs affects the quality of situation assessments, trend analysis, enforcement and identification of successful methods of combating antisemitism.

The Anti-Semitism Index project aims to identify the key variables to be measured and to establish a uniform and accepted global index for the definition and classification of anti-Semitic episodes and incidents.

This is done in partnership with world's leading anti-Semitic researchers who have joined experts to develop indicators to regulate the field of measuring anti-Semitic incidents.

The outcomes of the project are expected to be published at the beginning of 2018.